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Postby chrisc on Wed Jun 29, 2011 5:47 am

hello all hope all is well and the beardies are doing well.
have not been on here much since i had albert put to sleep a couple of months ago.
so i thought i would introduce my new pet
this is phoenix ... G_0376.jpg ... G_0382.jpg ... G_0379.jpg
she is a 4 year old amel corn snake and was i bargain i could not turn down (£60 for the full setup including a 3x2x2 viv)
shes very tame an im guilty of handling here when i first got her home but was given a feed and is being left to settle in for a week now.
i joined a corn snake forum and apparently she is quite big for a corn snake, the previous owner said she was 6ft but i think shes about 5ft myself
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