another cold blooded family member

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another cold blooded family member

Postby Danny/saxo on Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:26 pm

:roll: Trip to cold blooded in rainham today with the fiance. And somehow came back with a amel corn (baby) bareing in mind snakes have never appealed to me but these were just to tiny and where asking to be taken care of better :) so walked out with a full set up and a amel which is in comparison simular to a rare leather back as such,it has red eyes which they usuelly dont have and no brown/black bits its pure orange and pink :D so theres another limited edish rep to look after :D and considering its setlled in ultra quick being 4 hours in a complete bigger unknown envirement its just had its first pinky with no issues at all.
so happy days :D

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