Python,Boa or Corn

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Python,Boa or Corn

Postby SpikeandLizzy on Wed May 02, 2012 9:51 am

Iam soooooo excited,after months of begging , or bullying depends how you look at it :D, my hubby has finally agreed to let me get a snake wooo hooo

Now i absolutly adore Boa`s, Pythons are my second choice and iam not to bothered about Corns but...

Boa: I have 2 children,10 and 12,the 12 year old is nearly 6ft and will want to be involved with the snake but my 10 yr old will not go no where near it ,but ofcourse there is the risk of it escaping and the worst happening , so i feel i should mayby wait untill both boys have grown into adults??

Python: obviously the same as above but i have read that they are not quite as dangerous as a Boa can be , plus i have never kept a snake and read that a Python is a good starter snake as opposed to a Boa

Corn: not really my fav snake but i have read that they make excellent `starter` snakes sooo hmmmm

Any advice from anynone who keeps snakes would be most appreciated
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