another rescuse

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another rescuse

Postby Tom C on Wed Jun 06, 2012 12:27 pm

Thursday, the wife was told of 7 horse that were going to the knackers yard and that one of the girl was trying to save some/all of them, my first reaction was no, however an hour later (bets were being taken on time) we were the owner of a 5 month old cob that would be arriving some time over the weekend.
Tuesday the 10 month old Section D arrives :? , well all I can say is we have a lot of work to get some meat back on it, as well as get some condition to it.
It has to be one of the worst states I have ever seen along with the other 2 that arrived. We were given the horse for nothing as would have cost more to send to the yard to be destroyed, but in no way would anyone have bought it.
I would also add to this, we were informed that the breeder was reputable and had bread some champion horse.
3 of the 7 have been move to our yard and owners of all abilities have been found, so as to bring not only the horse back to the grandeur they deserve (as you can see their potential even in the state they are in) but to help teach the less experienced.
I will not put photo on as it is quit distressing at the moment, however if I ever get my act to together with photo will put some up of the beasty.
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