Arthrius and my dog :(

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Arthrius and my dog :(

Postby SpikeandLizzy on Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:58 pm

I found out yesterday my poor baby is on the verge of Arthrius in his back legs ,the vet said its like our knee cap moving about freely? he is only 3.5 years old but as he has german shepard in him so he is high chance of it , For the next week we have some medication for him and we can only take him on 3, 10-15 min walks on the lead each day for the next week and then go back to the vets.I dont know how he is going to cope,he loves nothing better than a good run chasing his beloved ball.2-3 years ago i could not walk him for about 2 weeks as i had badley hurt my foot,he got so depressed so now iam worrying about this on top of his pain.My poor poor baby :(

He is a cross between shepard and staff, he looks like a shep but has only got little legs,so we call him the german shepard with dwarfisum :D
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