Buying a corn

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Buying a corn

Postby JillClay on Sun Jul 29, 2012 1:55 pm

Hi guys,

As ive already got my beardie - spike who is 1 next month, i'm looking at buying an amel corn hatchling.

Ive been to 3 different places now (reptile centre in northampton, Japanese Koi company in Henlow and Pets at Home) all 3 have said different things about getting a new set up.

reptile centre say ok to get a 2ft viv and then upgrade in couple of years.
JKC say to get a komodo starter kit without lighting and upgrade after a year
PAH say ok to get a 3ft viv but to keep in the plastic container they are sold in for a while due to the tank being too big.

WTH do i believe....?

I'm more towards to reptile centre advice with the 2ft viv idea and upgrade after 3 years just before they're fully grown.
HOWEVER, they dont sell vivexotic tanks, only special ones they have in store that are twice as expensive...

So, i'd need:
tank - 2ft
Heat mat - 11x11 for 2ft tank
heat mat stat
clear 25w bulb for heat and light
couple of hides
water bowl

Does anyone agree/disagree and can you give me some advice...... ?

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