Stubborn Cat

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Stubborn Cat

Postby SpikeandLizzy on Thu Mar 14, 2013 1:04 pm

We have just had the whole house carpeted with rather expensive carpets just over a week ago now, we have 3 doors, front door kitchen door and living room door.
The cat and dog were allowed out of any door before as we had wood flooring so did no need to worry about muddy paw prints and i just got the mop out, well this is not so easy with carpets obviously.

The dog has caught on to the fact he is now only allowed in and out of the kitchen door, as this still has laminate so easy to clean, then he gets his paws wiped and he is free to go.But My cat is being a stubborn little git!!The first time i wiped his paws the noises he was making you would of thought i was killing him!!

He is about 8 years old now and never had to `suffer` his paws being wiped before.Since the `trauma` he is refusing to come in through the kitchen door and sits at the living room door constantly meowing to come in, VERY annoying!! But i refuse to give in, he has to learn its the kitchen door or no door!Ive tried tempting him with biscuits, meat and even some chicken which is a special treat for him, he is not budging! We have only managed to get him in by grabbing him before he runs off at night which of course just makes him scared of hubby, but with it being so cold and snowing here i dont want him freezing to death at night.When he gets in he is fine.

Anyway after all that, my question is do i carry on standing my ground with him or do i just give in and accept he is not going to learn?
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