Baby dexter home!
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Author:  Crusty [ Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:17 am ]
Post subject:  Baby dexter home!

Ok, after having my Viv setup for a few days and the temps good (shared details on another thread). We went out and got baby dexter. We didn't wait a full week which i know is a little naughty but i was happY with the stable temps we were getting!

We spent a few days whilst the viv was setup taking a look around the various reptile seller options and some were really not in good codition or seemed too small. Then we found a long established little gem of a reptile store called the Lizard Lounge (in Sheffield), the owner you could tell was very passionate about his reptiles and (based on the expert knowledge on here) i could tell was given me sound advice. Anways, the baby Beardies he had were in great condition Looked active, fed well and vivs well maintained (its amazing how many we saw that weren't).

We chose one of the bigger of the babies which i'm told were from an earlier batch and was about 9 weeks old (i will weigh and take pics soon).

Dexter didnt eat on the first day home but on day 2 had 2 servings of a total of 7 crickets and a bit of clover. Today (day 3) he has eaten a dandellion flower and breakfast (4 crickets).

Dexter seems to love being held and stroked in the palm of your hand, if he was a cat i'm sure i'd hear him purring :-) he also like climbing and sitting on your shoulder.

One odd behaviour today is that he climbed into the fake tree leaves you can buy that is suspended from the top of the viv.... Is this normal?I


Author:  Rick [ Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Baby dexter home!

At that age they'll climb into anything and probably sleep there too!


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