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 Post subject: a happier tale
PostPosted: Sun Feb 08, 2015 11:29 am 

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hi folks

i'm not sure how many people read these posts, but this info is especially for rick and trish who followed, helped and then sympathised with me when i was caring for and sadly lost the little sick beardie i'd adopted from a reptile rescue.

as i said already, this upsetting experience hasn't put me off beardies, so on mon past my son drove me to essex to get a new beardie - i do drive, but arthritis limits me to short trips and both my son and i will be caring for the dragon.

the reptile store had several beardies. i wanted a plain coloured male between 8 and 18 months old. the only plain beardies they had were very young so i ended up dithering between little 10ish month old male with a flame coloured beard and hints of orange through him and a dragon which i was told was probably about 2 1/2 to 3 years old, but was def no more than 5. he was described as citron, but he didn't seem much different in colour to the plain beardies though he looked a lot more yellow when he was out of the viv.

the little chap with the orange colouring was described on his viv as a grumpy s**t (seriously!) we were told that when he first came to the pet shop he was so aggressive he would attack and bite as soon as his viv was opened, but that he had calmed down a little, but with no guarantee of ever being tame. the pet shop chap opened the viv to show me how the dragon behaved and he was def aggressive. as i could only have one, i chose the yellow coloured beardie.

he is a delightful creature - already letting me handle him - actually sees my arm as a handy climbing frame when i put my hand in the viv! he has a curious nature and is very VERY active. he is a bit of a jumper - thinks his uv light is a trapeze - fortunately i am changing it to a ceiling mounted T5 thingy - i have been assured that this gives out more uv than the one i'd been using and the research i was doing on line seems to back this up. he hasn't been to the vet yet, but as he is eating and pooping, i think he has settled enough for me to make him an appt to be checked over.
i don't think he has an major health issues, but he has a very tiny tail kink right at the end of his tail - i didn't notice it in the shop despite looking - and he appears to have a slight under bite. i suspect his bone density has not always been ideal, but sadly, this seems to be almost endemic with beardies on sale in the uk. he eats, though not as much as i would like, but his appetite is increasing as he gets more used to us. he is active and lively and has the most beautiful face - looks like a wise old dragon from a fairy tale. he is a little thin at the moment. the reptile shop staff said he had been with them for about 4 weeks and had brumated recently. as he is beautiful and as he is a dragon i have called him radu. (as in radu, the beautiful/ radu bey this post is already long so i won't explain farther)

but the little aggressive dragon worried at me. when my husband got home from work on mon i showed him radu and told him about the little angry dragon. later that evening i asked if i could have a second dragon, 'cos the reptile shop was selling the little angry dragon cheaply and i felt this might get him the wrong sort of keeper. the answer was 'absolutely not'. by wed before he went to work i had persuaded (nagged!) my husband into agreeing to let me have a second dragon. i phoned the reptile shop and asked them to keep the angry dragon for me.

fortunately my son has been off work this week so have been able to get a new viv set up and tested out. and i collected the little angry boy yesterday!! he is being called lonn because in scots, and in gaelic it means 'little fierce one' (i'm a scot so thought a scottish name would be nice)
when we got him home i let my son get him out of his pet carrier;-) the little blighter flattened himself to credit card thinness and wriggled out of my sons hands. he wasn't very happy to have me pick him up from the floor, but we got him in the viv quickly so as not to stress him further. i had said to the chap at the reptile shop that i saw an animal who was scared rather than aggressive and i seem to be correct. now that lonn has space to run away he does that rather than attacking.

i thought that after more than 1 1/2 hours in the pet carrier in the car and an escape attempt that lonn would be quite shaken, but as soon as he was in his viv he went to the veg bowl and started munching. (radu also eats his greens - yay!) he is showing no signs of being stressed by the move here. he eats lots and is active and alert. but he is scared when anyone moves too close to him. he just needs lots of patience. i think it will be a little while before he will tolerate handling, but as he seems so healthy i don't think it will matter if it is 3 or 4 weeks till i can take him to the vet for a check. any sign of illness and i will take him sooner.

so, as you can tell, the experience with little man, far from putting me off beardies, has confirmed me as a complete sop for them.

i know i still have a lot to learn, but i'm keen to do so. there is a wealth of information available on the net - not all of it good, but the same can be said for some of the beardie books i have read. does anyone know of a comprehensive reference book on the species?

thanks for listening.
i'm now off to provide another round of munchie things for my little loves!

take care

 Post subject: Re: a happier tale
PostPosted: Sun Feb 08, 2015 11:57 pm 

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Great news on both dragons. Your "aggressive" little guy will almost certainly calm down over time just needs slow and steady attention. A bit of hand feeding favourites always helps here as does lifting by sliding your hand under rather than grabbing from above (if possible).

Have fun.


Beardies from an Australian point of view.

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