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 Post subject: Neck wound / Hole
PostPosted: Tue Apr 26, 2016 12:06 pm 

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Hi all,

Haven't posted in a while as all had been crazy busy and going great for Reggie, who is now almost 8.

I woke up this morning to find a wound on Reg's beard, looked fresh and has some blood around the area.

I think there was a few crickets, and, I'm currently putting my money on the culprit to be, a hopper left in overnight that she did not fancy eating before bed.

Am I correct in thinking this is likely caused by the hopper biting / eating away at her in her sleep?

Also just curious on the level of alarm / seriousness there is with this?

My initial reactions / thoughts were first and foremost, kill the hopper to stop that there if so as catching it proved much harder than I imagined.

Then would be to give her a bath and source some (Not long moved house and threw away the last antiseptic stuff given from the vet) antiseptic to put onto the wound to stop getting infected?

If this is the best course of action or not please let me know and also any advice on sourcing antiseptic or what you would recommend as the best course of action.

I've attached a photo of her beard with the wound.

She's been pretty sleepy today since noticing, probably a bit sore or stressed i imagine..

Thanks in advance for any advice it would be much appreciated, as you can imagine the poor girl gets me more worried than her.




So since noticing this on Reg I have deep cleaned her viv, gotten rid of any bugs, to which I found a hidden tribe of about 5 under her big basking rock which may have been culprits in this. Got rid of any old sand and washed her rocks / log. Gave her a little bath for good measure also in hopes to reduce any risks of infection. She's been very slow and sleepy, starting to wonder if they have been keeping her up last night with this food chain reversal plot they seem to have adopted.

So after this I decide to ring up the vets, as I have just moved house and have to find a new vet that can handle beardies, found one but are extremely busy at the moment due to lambing... Typical. Finally had a call of the vet this evening and after describing what I thought had happened she seemed to agree with me on the cause being the bugs.

Have an appointment tomorrow at 10 to see the vet with her and unlike the previous visit I had back a few years ago when she had was poorly that set me back around £300 the vet estimated it to cost £15 for the consultation, around £6 for the antibiotics if needed and £2 for antiseptic. So I was relieved to find out this vet trip may not break the bank as much as last time.

My fingers are crossed for the poor girl as she is clearly a bit upset by this and I imagine is quite sore too! But hopefully whatever the cost and best method of healing her up, I'll find out tomorrow off the vet and go ahead with.

Going forward despite over 7 years of a sneaky cricket / locust getting by her and hiding out under a rock, I've never encountered an issue with bugs attacking / biting her especially not to this level of noticeability until now. Which has started making me rethink my current methods of live feeding and maybe it would be worth live feeding her in her bath tub then putting her back into her viv as to not run the risk of more renegade bugs wanting to eat reggie alive.

Just before she is due to go to sleep i noticed a hopper in two pieces just in front of her with some spit and blood on it, which could only have been eaten last night or early this morning so I am guessing she just regurgitated / threw it up. Not sure if linked to being bitten etc but any light shed on this also would be great!

Thanks again and any further advice or insight is much appreciated!



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Beardie :- Reggie :) born 6/10/08
 Post subject: Re: Neck wound / Hole
PostPosted: Wed Apr 27, 2016 1:01 am 

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Ouch - nasty bite there!
I'd go with your thoughts, it's always good to leave some fresh (ish) veg in overnight if there's any chance of stray insects in the viv.Not a lot I can comment as you've got a vet appointment, however as an emergency measure you can use a dab of betadine to help clean a cut. If she'll eat outside her enclosure it's worth a try, but many dragons don't take to this sort of change in routine very well.


Beardies from an Australian point of view.

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