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PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, 2009 5:46 pm 
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I'm not sure if this question has already been asked but my beardy Evie has been acting very strange the past couple of days. His name is Evangeline because I thought he was a girl lol but he seemed to like the name anyway!
Anyway Evie is usually a very nice happy beardie and loves being handled. He even lets me clip his nails with no fuss he's so tame! The past couple of days though he's pretty much had a permenant black beard, tail and chest. I've never seen it that dark before, it's completely jet black. he used to get quite dark when I had another male lizard here but my boyfriends taken him to his house now so it's just me and Evie. He's bopping his head at me a lot more and sulking in the corner of his cage which he never does.

He seems fine healthwise, he's stil letting me handle him and not trying to bite or anything and he's still eating too. I really can't figure it out, it's almost like he's in a huff with me! He's turning his back to me and everything! He was black this morning so I got him out gave him a stroke and a cuddle and he calmed down, then 15 minutes later he ws black again!

I'm really confused, he's about a year and a half years old now and my mum thinks he could be frustrated because he wants a mate? Does that happen with beardies, I have been looking for a fmale for ages but they're so hard to find as an adult.

Has any of this happened to anybody else?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Anna & Evie xxx

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, 2009 7:55 pm 

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Is he coming up for a shed at all? My Rufus is a right moody sod when he is coming up for a shed, he puffs up at me and sometimes even tried to bite me, other times he is completley lovable and i don't want to throttle him... :D

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