A little viv freshen up (pic Heavy)
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Author:  aman0788 [ Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:53 am ]
Post subject:  A little viv freshen up (pic Heavy)

Hi guys,

my Beardie Boris has had the same background I made for him for the last couple of years so I thought a would treat him to a nice new home after waking from his 2 month Nap (I wish I could have one of those :roll: )

Anyway I thought I don't fancy going to the hassle of making a new background for him again as last time it took ages and I was hoovering up polystyrene beads up for months afterwards. so I thought I would have a little dig around to try and find a good 3d background without paying a ridiculous amount.
so I came across these

seemed a cheap price and looked good and thought hmmmm I wonder if they will be actually any good. so I thought for the price I will take the plunge.
so I spoke to Dan at Aquarium supplies uk to ask some questions of whether the Backgrounds would be suitable for a Beardie. very nice man and very knowledgeable to be fair. he said it might not be suitable, if he scratches a lot but I could try coating it with a non toxic resin to toughen the outer layer to help to prevent any damage.

lucky for me a work for a composites company and they do a non toxic art resin which would be safe to use on the Background and for boris..

so after a complete strip down and clean of the viv
I got to work:
Now I needed 3 Backgrounds to cover my 4ft viv with a little cutting and shapeing ... e=58C9C0E6

I cut the Background with ease with a Sharp thin Blade to fit the viv and vent holes (the Backgrounds seemed very good quality for ebay items ... e=58C96044

Time to put the coating of resin on it ... e=58C9CC7B ... e=58C97551

now it was key to use multiple thin coats to prevent the resin pooling in the gaps which I found out after the first section :lol: ... e=58C9A2AB

I did 10 coats just to be safe, the resin did leave the background glossy but it didn't bother me too much to be honest ... e=58C9D252

once the Art resin had fully Cured it was time to fix it into the viv.
I used a Aquarium safe silicone to stick the background into the viv ... e=58C9A294 ... e=58C9659C

next I got him a new spotlight Bulb/Uv Bulb and all new toys for his viv including a hammock, jungle gym, basking rock and fake animal skull. I found amazon cheapest for all of these products although I'm particularly happy with the skull it does look cool .

I think finished it looks 8) 8) for me and Boris after an initial week of sulking because I changed everything he seems settled and happy now. ... e=58C96E60 ... e=58C93F24 ... e=58C9B01D

thanks for looking

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