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Shrek and Fi's Babies

Selling the Hatchlings

The time came too soon when I needed to find homes for all the fast growing bearded dragon hatchlings.  I  met some lovely people as I sold Shrek and Fi's first babies - a number of whom  promised to keep in touch and let me know how they get on, and what they turn out like. 
On this page I've posted some of the pictures that I was sent so you can see how the babies grew and some of the original names they've been called.

It's really interesting hearing all the different names - my favourite to date has to be Eddy - named after Eddie Murphy who did the voice over for Donkey in the film Shrek.  What a great link back to the parents!

Juvenile bearded dragon
Young bearded dragon
Milligan the Bearded Dragon
Young bearded dragon curled up in bowl
Juvenile bearded dragon on wood feature
What have they been called?

These are some of the names that I was told the baby bearded dragons were called. 

Perhaps they'll give you some clues - naming a bearded dragon can be difficult! 

Milligan (who has a pal, Spike!)
Bella Balbino

When I sold my hatchlings I gave everyone a care sheet, and they were all able to contact me for advice.  Although adult bearded dragons are quite robust and strong looking, the babies seem very fragile, and almost anything can worry a new owner.  If you're thinking of getting a baby bearded dragon please use my caresheet.  And join my forum - there's lots of help and advice on there!   
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