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MyBeardedDragons website contains information for the new owner on how to keep a bearded dragon properly so that it is happy and healthy.  An active forum dedicated to bearded dragons gives advice and support to new and experienced owners. 

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Keeping and Caring for Bearded Dragons


Bearded Dragons make excellent pets for children (and adults!) and can live 10 years or more with the proper husbandry.  They are fairly easy to look after once you have the right equipment and have set it up correctly.

Unfortunately too many bearded dragons are kept in the wrong conditions which can drastically reduce their life expectancy, and regrettably many pet shops are guilty of not understanding the particular requirements of these reptiles.

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Our active forum welcomes all members whether you're just thinking about getting a bearded dragon and want to ask some questions to expert owners wanting to share their knowledge. 

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As I learned the proper way to keep bearded dragons I began this website.  As time has gone on my knowledge has improved, and the information has been updated and added to. 

The main thing to remember about keeping one of these friendly lizards is that they come from the hot, arid desert in Australia.  Only by trying to mimic their natural habitat can we give them a long, healthy life in captivity.

Nowadays they will all be captive bred, but this does not mean they have adapted to being kept in different conditions.  A bearded dragon is a fascinating pet -growing 4000 times its hatching size to adult, it commences life as carnivorous, but as adult it is mainly vegetarian.  Its requirements for heat, UVB and calcium can be quickly learned - but cannot be ignored if it is to be healthy.
My Bearded Dragons

I got my bearded dragons in 2006 - yes, I was sold two by the breeder without any warnings about keeping a male and female together.  That turned out well for me in the end, but I now know how lucky I was, and would not advise people to buy more than one.  A bearded dragon is not a sociable creature, and does very well with its own company.  However, getting a pair gave me the experience of breeding. 
Bearded Dragons 12 months old
Six week old Bearded Dragon
One of Shrek and Fiona's babies
My Bearded Dragons as Adults
Shrek at six weeks
One of my baby bearded dragons

Equipment you Need!

The idea of having a bearded dragon as a pet is a lovely one - but it is not a cheap hobby!  I began to find this out very quickly.  So this site is how to set up your vivarium properly, and hopefully without spending an absolute fortune!

What you will need is discussed in detail on other pages of this site, but as a checklist you will need:

A large vivarium - minimum 4ft x 2ft x 2ft (120cm x 60cm x 60cm)
Substrate (kitchen roll for babies up to six months)
Basking light
UVB light
Bowls (for food and water)
Rocks for basking
Tank decoration

And finally:

Your Dragons!

7 years on

In 2006 I became the proud owner of two bearded dragons.  Shrek and Fiona have been the proud parents of 72 babies - from two separate matings, 2 years apart.  Breeding Shrek and Fi, incubating the eggs and seeing them hatch has been a wonderful experience for me, and you can share with me through the pages on this website!

One of the first lot of babies was born without back legs and a deformed mouth.  We thought he might also have internal problems, , so we kept him and he grew into the name, Stumpy.  Apart from muscle wastage as he couldn't move around to get much exercise (although he catches his locusts well enough) he was actually a very healthy beardie.  Despite us expecting him not to last very long, he lived until he was nearly 5 years old. 

Unfortunately in late 2011 Shrek developed tumours, and on March 2nd, 2012 he died.  He is missed by everyone, but surprisingly not so much by Fiona who seems to be far happier now she's on her own.  Which shows that keeping beardies on their own as they are in their natural environment is probably best.  It's us humans who think they need company. 

Bearded dragons have great characters and are loved by everyone - even those who don't like reptiles in general!  I would thoroughly recommend them as pets to anyone who is prepared to research how they should be properly cared for. 

In 2006 I started a Bearded Dragon Forum, which has become very popular with getting on for 4,000 members.  We are lucky enough to have Rick as an Administrator.  Rick lives in Australia and has kept bearded dragons for years and has a vast knowledge of their husbandry and their natural habitat.

If you are thinking of getting one of these reptiles, or have one and want advice, please join the forum. 

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While I am very happy to hear about your bearded dragons by email, I am not a vet, and if you are worried that you're beardie might be ill your nearest reptile vet should be your first port of call.  For any behaviour, general health, feeding or breeding please join my forum

Where's the best place to buy equipment for a Bearded Dragon?

I always check for deals on Amazon (see advert to the left and below).  Online reptile shops often have bargains too.  Local pet shops and garden centres tend to be more expensive, but you can see what you are buying!