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Shrek - 2nd July 2006 - 2nd March 2012
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Shrek at six weeks old
Shrek and Fiona as adults
Shrek at 6 weeks old
Shrek (top) and Fiona as adults
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It is with great sadness that I have to announce the death of Shrek.  Shrek passed away peacefully in his vivarium.  He was taken away from us far too soon, and although he had always received the very best of care and attention, he had developed tumours over the past few months.   He grew very weak and we took him to the vets to put him out of his suffering.  Cold blooded animals do not react to anaesthetic in the same way as warm blooded animals, and it takes 6 to 24 hours before they finally pass away.  We brought Shrek home and placed him in his vivarium with Fiona.  Hopefully seeing him pass will help Fiona accept the loss of her lifelong companion, and help her get over his loss.  

Shrek, together with Fiona, are famous bearded dragons.  This website which began as charting my progress towards getting, and then keeping, these reptiles as pets is visited by 18,000 plus people per month. 

In June 2006 I successfully persuaded my parents to let me have bearded dragons for my 12th birthday which was at the end of July.  I also persuaded my mum, Trish, to help me set up this website.  Although now I know it wasn’t the most sensible thing to do, we decided to get a pair of beardies. 

Trish approached a local breeder, Mike, and explained the situation, and also the names I’d already decided to call them.  Mike began to keep in contact with us, and sent me pictures of my beardies from eggs to hatchlings.  They were from two clutches from different parents.  Shrek hatched on the 2nd July, 2006, with Fiona following two days later.  Mike put the pair is a separate vivarium within a few days, so Shrek and Fiona have been together all of their lives.

They came to me at the beginning of August.  As they grew, and as I learned more, the MyBeardedDragons website expanded to follow their progress, and to include more and more information about keeping bearded dragons.  The site now includes a successful forum and has benefited from the contributions by the ‘experts’ - formally Andy of HadesDragons, and Rick whose help with running the forum and his in depth knowledge about bearded dragons is invaluable. 

Although I now discourage anyone keeping a male and female together, Shrek and Fiona only bred twice in their time together.  One baby was born with a number of deformities - no back legs, a deformed mouth and deformed toes on the feet he does have.  Not expecting him to survive long, we kept him.  Stumpy (no other name seemed to fit!) is now 4 years old and extremely fit and healthy!  He has inherited his dad’s lovely yellow colouring. 

We were concerned about the effect of Fiona losing her lifelong partner, but she actually seems happier now he's gone and she has the vivarium to herself.  She is more active and a better colour.   

With Shrek’s untimely passing we have come to the end of the era.  Shrek’s legacy, however,  will remain with the MyBeardedDragons website which hopefully will continue to inform new owners for years to come.  Losing a much loved pet is always hard, but I have to remember the pleasure I had with him, and hopefully he enjoyed his life with me. 

Rest in peace Shrek.

As babies Shrek and Fi loved to help on the site
RI.P  Shrek
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